ATM is the only one-of- its-kind initiative in the country where you as a privileged individual decide to make a difference in someone’s life with ARGOBBHAWVA. This is the only program where you decide “WHO NEEDS HELP”.

How can you matter?

iMatter Program: Come and be a part of this movement that will, not only bring change to someone’s life but also empower life of those who are associated with the individual.

The Volunteer Program

Under this program you can be a driver of the ATM program which we conduct at various places. To be a volunteer, you should have been a successful iMatter associate. On enlisting as a Volunteer, you become a part of ARGOBBHAWVA, who touches peoples’ life in a miraculous way.


Argobbhawva is an organisation that aims at empowerment through comprehensive well planned self help programs. Our primary objective is to achieve a long term solution to one of the most pressing problems that we face today-poverty. Our programs are for the less fortunate, for those who do not get the opportunity or do not have the capability.

We seek to carry out our objective by empowering individuals. Empowerment via seed capital funding, social programs, and educational campaigns, and self empowerment schemes are carried out.

We call out to people in society from all walks of life and from all age groups to be “anxious to matter”. We encourage people to come forward to help one another.we stand by in this effort with our infrastructure which aids in-
• Ascertaining the need,
• Providing financial help and
• Providing training so that the individual can help themselves.

Our programme
The main motive of argobbhawva is that, it reaches out to the people in need. It aims at creating strong and healthy society with a focus on inclusive growth.

Micro business:
Argobbhawva has provided individuals with sewing machines, rikshaws, balloon stall, food carts to those who were in urgent need of these employment tools for their livelihood.through this, these individuals, could employ themselves lead dignified lives.
Skill development:
Argobbhawva has taken an initiative of skill development which assists all who have the will to become independent in life and stand with dignity. We aim towards setting up training centers for providing them with vocational training like – handicraft making, sewing, and basic education and so on.
Self help group:
In remote areas argobbhawva is developing clusters for self help groups to be given special training so that they can earn a livelihood from cottage and micro industries -preparing pickles, papads, poultry farming etc. For this, we would send trainers and volunteers to train this group to attain financial stability.


We are an organization which is actively working in West Bengal towards development.

Office Location

  • imatter@argobbhawva.org
  • +91 33 2574 2266
  • www.argobbhawva.org
  • 180/1, Block B, Bangur Avenue, Kol– 700055