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Mr. Mahendra Agarwal


Argobbhawva Humanity Development as the name suggests focuses on the development of humanity. We all need to be more empathetic towards one another and participate in realizing the dream of a utopian society. Recently, we have seen a steep decline in human values and a sudden increase in the number of violent cases that threaten the moral values of our society. Flourishing metros into on one hand and the deteriorating rural on the other have divided humans and isolated brothers from their brethren. A larger part of society suffers under these biased views. We do not even stop to think about how we can, with simple acts of kindness, alleviate a lot of troubles for many others in our community. We do not strive towards putting all the broken fragments of society back in place to build a better city, state, country and even a better world.


ARGOBBHAWVA has been working in urban and rural Bengal with meaningful interventions in health, education and skill development with a thrust on women and child care and protection.


ARGOBBHAWVA has idolized its vision by the epitomes of our leader, Mr. Mahendra Agarwal. He has shown us how to stand beside people who need a little support to help them uplift their lives. We hope that many more like you can join us and celebrate our endeavors.


ARGOBBHWVA HUMANITY DEVELOPMENT took its first baby step on 15th June 2016. In every moment, in every instant, Argobbhawva traverses between dusty rural and the shiny urban


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