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Times Men of the year 2018


1. “I, Mr. Mahendra Agarwal, have been awarded “the Times Men of the Year award 2018” at JW Marriot, Kolkata in the category of Social development causes for the contributions of Argobbhawva. Argobbhawva humanity development as the name suggests, desires to work towards a future where humanity triumphs over social vanity and power games. Initially, it was a mere attempt at replicating a childhood dream that had been a constant companion in my lonesome days. With sweat and blood and the kind aid of many others, I have made my traction. Along the way though, I learned slowly how unkind even nature is towards those who don’t have the right tools of survival. Our team thus works to ward off several communal maladies like child trafficking, child abuse, child marriage, domestic violence, etc. It also arranges free health camp and medicines for indisposed people in Kolkata and rural Bengal (Sunderban), spreads social awareness on women and child protection and stands by the neglected and thrown away echelons of this society


2. While receiving this honour, I was beholden for the great fortune of sharing this tribute with all those humble hands that had helped me achieve all of our milestones. So I would like to thank you all for sticking with me through thick and thin of this journey that I could not have ventured on without your support. It is my deepest desire that you will stick around and guide me in the upcoming

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