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Why Partner with ARGOBBHAWVA?


1. We have supple options available that not only help us create tailor-made proposals but also enhance your brand name and give an authentic touch to your society dedicated projects.

2. We ensure quick turnaround times and are 100% compliant under the CSR Act norms.

3. We are transparent about our financials. We have an annual audit system in place and will cooperate with your official accounts department for any sort of verification that you will need.

4. We manage and monitor our projects stringently to ensure the most efficient utilization of funds. Meetings with project staff, parents, children and community groups (beneficiaries) help us gauge progress.

5. We focus on mobilization and empowerment of communities.

6. You will enjoy the benefits of 80G tax exemptions as per our provisions.

Hotline :  033 2574  2277