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Child labour is one of the most perilous diseases of this state. In 40% families’ one child and in 59.6% families’ more than one sibling had joined the labour force. About 83% fathers and 93.9% mothers were illiterate. A total of 55.8% did not attend schools; 45.3% had discontinued school due to poverty (69.9%), father’s apathy (8.4%), children’s own attitude (10.4%) and frequent absence and physical assaults by school teachers (5.0%). The main reason for taking up jobs was low per capita income (70.3%). Wages were exploitatively low: as little as RS. 50/- per month in 20.8%, for work of an average 10-12 hours per day. Only 4% had systemic health check-ups. Different grades of malnutrition were observed in 55.7% male and 29.5% female working children. The ailments observed included anaemia (60.4%), respiratory tract infection (31.8%), and gastrointestinal tract infection (33.6%). Nearly half (52.6%) children were addicted to bidi smoking, 3% to ganja and 39.3% to betel-nut. The evils of exploitation are increasing in spite of existing child laws.


ARGOBBHAWVA HUMANITY DEVELOPMENT has taken up the heavy weight of spreading the cons of child labour in schools as well as communities as without parental consent, it is always hard to bring children back to mainstream.


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