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Saving Tomorrow’s Future--- Children Protection And Education


“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
— Nelson Mandela


ARGOBBHAWVA HUMANITY DEVELOPMENT believes that only by encouraging children, irrespective of their social acceptance, towards education, we can ensure a more civilised society.


The stories of triumph that surround that little abode of perseverance at Ghatakpukur are far and plenty.


When the private tuition classes started, it was a meagre class of 16 children. But with the striking news of the net results and the vigorous perseverance of the teachers, the number has now increased up to 70.


When three year old Abu Suddik Mollah had started the primary tuition classes, his alternate bouts of wailing and screaming would be intolerable. It would be near impossible to make him sit but with the continuous attention that has been showered on him, he is much tamer now. He has been coming to class regularly and is learning his alphabets well.


Another memorable student of class’18 is Rudra Mondal. Previous year, Rudra had performed patently poor in Mathematics and English. But surprising both his teachers and friends, Rudra has done astonishingly well in all his subjects, thanks to the vigilant supervision of our private tuition teachers. Even though the long distance between the Ghatakpukur centre and their home is a hurdle, his parents still prefer the long commute because of the lavishing attention that their son’s education gets.



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