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Kolkata city is one of the most celebrated metropolitan cities of India but a chunk of its people still find it hard to properly lead a healthy life. We conduct health camps in certain parking areas in highly busy offices like High Court for chauffeurs who are stuck in those areas while their employers are otherwise engaged. These chauffeurs are subjected to cruel, nocturnal working hours and can’t afford a full day vacation to avail hospital facilities. Specialized eye treatment is also very imperative for them as they are subjected to insane working hours as well as nocturnal driving habits. Since these specialised cab drivers cater to a special class of customers, we also equip them with specialised etiquette on how to treat different customers – like providing special aid to elderly people, etc.

We also provide this specialised health as well as eye programs to the lower rank of sub-staff who work in the nearby offices of these designated parking lots.





ARGOBBHAWVA Humanity Development has taken an initiative to bring yoga, meditation and freehand exercises back into the lives of Kolkatans. Fit bodies and calm minds form the basis of a healthy society. “ArgoYoga” aims at a fitter Kolkata who will uplift each other and create a better Bengal.



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