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North 24 parganas


Argobbhawva’s role in offering fundamental health care in North 24 parganas
India following decades of having gained independence continues to struggle to offer fundamental health care amenities to its residents. Prerequisites for fundamental health care services mainly in rural part of the nation are little and far between. There is no need to think hard to realize that the grown-up fall a great deal behind in receiving such services in North 24 parganas.

A key aspect of Argobbhawva’s health care proposal for the grown-up population is the organizing of health camps in the countryside and municipal parts of the nation. Ever since the year of 2016, Argobbhawva in alliance with its set-up has effectively organised general as well as dedicated health camps meant for the grown-up population in North 24 parganas. Our wide-ranging camp panel is made up of all-purpose medical doctor, pharmacist as well as assistant.

Our dedicated health camp in North 24 parganas features a panel of specialised practitioners like ophthalmologists, dentists, orthopaedic, and gynaecologist, in addition to pharmacist, general physician, as well as helper. Our health camps guaranteeing diagnosis, healing and referrals for wide-ranging sicknesses, dental care, ophthalmic ailments, and gynaecological states are executed. Our camps moreover focus on anticipatory health care agenda through Education, Information, and communiqué and Behaviour alteration Communication goings-on amid the society of North 24 parganas.


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