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Internships comprise a major part of our “ANXIOUS TO MATTER” programme. Our interns come from (BSW/MSW) educational backgrounds, and are seen as integral contributors to ensuring a safer and healthier atmosphere for women and children.
We believe that their experience with ARGOBBHAWVA will empower them to continue to participate in the struggle for overall development in women and child well-being beyond the course of this internship. In that sense, the internship is recognized as a beginning of a much longer relationship between social work and the intern, as well as the agenda they represent.


Our organisation is like a tight knit family that operates on the values that are wholesomely dedicated to the advancement of humanity. But due to man power restrains and economic confines, we are sometimes incapable of achieving much more than we can. If you are pondering over what to do with your vacation or in between academic years, you can join us in our endeavours in making Humanity a better race. Join us in the dusty lanes of Rural Bengal and obscure paths of the darker parts of Kolkata in extending hands to those who truly need help.
. We need individuals with varied skills and resources to help our work grow.
. Tell people about ARGOBBHAWVA HUMANITY DEVELOPMENT and the different sorts of work that our organization does.
. Help us get access to networks like schools, clubs, residential societies, other NGOs or any platform to talk about different social malaises and create awareness.
. Help us continue the good work by raising funds.
. You could join our fellow gladiators to serve our city and state in any way that you can.

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Internship duration is at least 30 days at a stretch without any provision for gap. Each intern will be requiredd to wear formal clothes and keep their demeanour befitting of working in a social work sector. Proper maintenance of clothes as well as behaviour and outward appearance cannot be compromised in lieu of style or modern notions of fashion. We request you to remain active in your area of interest during your tenure as our volunteers. We might call upon your services for the greater good and hope that you can abide with our timings.

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